A new life with puppies with My CAT

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Life Changes, but Friendship Never Changes.

Promotion Video

Promotion Video

-Photoreal- Various type of photo-real cats with many fur variations.

Kittens with unique looks and personalities.
Give your kittens a stencil mark to make them special.

Much more available. Find the one you love.

-New feature-Take AR pictures and videos.
Your kittens will react to your own voice.

Take AR photos/videos
in your room or outside.
Your kittens will recognize your voice.

-Enjoy fashion- Dress up your kittens.

Costumes, hats, glasses and more.
Over 600 unique items.
Interior decoration for cat's room can also be customized.
Sometimes, kittens may be hidden
in the room.

-Scenry- The sceneries will change according to the time.

Go for a walk outside.
Play together with toys.
The sky will change according
to the time of the day.

Let's start a new life with a kitten.